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Create Your Own- Succulent Bouquet


Instead of flowers, build your own succulent bouquet gift! Choose the size and color of your bowl, choose the pop of color to beautifully accent, and we’ll make it happen. Each arrangement will also come with forest green filler moss. We will deliver or ship your bouquet to your door depending on your address. test
Large 10″ Bowl- 127.00
Medium 8″ Bowl- 82.00
Small 6″ Bowl- 64.00


Build your own succulent bouquets can be shipped nationwide and delivered in San Antonio, Texas. Please note that we do not ship the large size arrangements, they can only be hand delivered in Austin and San Antonio. Specific succulents may vary slightly as each arrangement is made to order and varieties are based on availability. This arrangement is meant to be kept indoors on a window sill or near a light source. We grow in Austin, TX are haworthia, echeveria, graptopetalum, crassula, pachyphytum and kalanchoe.

1. Choose Your Container Size

large 10" bowl (delivery only), medium 8" bowl, small 6" bowl

2. Choose Your Color

1 black, 2 yellow, 3 blue, 4 red, 5 light pink, 6 dark pink, 7 light blue, 8 turquoise, 9 orange, 10 silver metallic, 11 gold metallic, 12 bronze metallic, 13 pink ombre, 14 turquoise yellow ombre, 15 lavender turquoise ombre, 16 tie-dye

3. Choose Your Accent Moss

pink deerfoot moss, red deerfoot moss, natural deerfoot moss, apple green deerfoot moss


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