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Useful Beauty

People are often attached to animals, lugging around cats, dogs, and the occasional snake and spider. I used to keep owls, walking down the High Road in Chiswick, London, with my Barn Owl or Scops Owl. The latter was a male, whom I named Cuthbert, and he clearly liked females. They stroked him and got physical with him to their heart’s delight, and he purred like a kitten. For most males he had no time, and for me he reserved utter contempt; our relationship was not great.

If You Love Your Plant, Let It Go.

Confession. I was a helicopter plant mom. As a beginner succulent owner, I was both scared and excited. My plant repertoire was expanding, and yet I was seriously clueless as to how to care for these guys and…sadly, a few cacti and succulents lost their lives to the cause.

Why Do Plants Make Us Feel So Good?

Energy baby. May sound hippy-dippy, but everything around us, living or non-living has and gives off Energy. Simply put, energy can be categorized as either good or bad. As it turns out, our little green friends pack an amazing punch of happy, GOOD energy.